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The measurement of particulate matter by thousands of Dutch with a smartphone has been of value.
I read this today at a Dutch news site, called nu.nl
Reported Leiden University Monday after analyzing the measurements.

In the summer of 2013 thousands of Dutch participated in the experiment to measure particulate matter on clear days with their smartphone. They did a special device for the camera of their smartphone sliding, a so-called iSPEX-extension piece.

The question was whether those measurements would have utility, but that's now the case. The system works accurately and according to experts can be a valuable addition to professional particulate matter measurements.

The iSPEX team developed the new measurement method which is relatively inexpensive. By placing the device for the camera of their smartphone, the participants could take pictures of the blue sky and the fine dust was in the air. The data agree well with the data satellites and scientific instruments on the ground.

'' In this way we can collect valuable data in places that are not covered currently by the professional measuring equipment, '' said team leader Frans Sob.

Particulates consist of minute particles in the air, of which the properties are difficult to measure. More knowledge about particulate matter is important to determine the effect on eg health, air and climate.
source: http://www.nu.nl/internet/3913104/meting-fijnstof-met-smartphones-blijkt-nauwkeurig.html
(in Dutch, but translate.google.nl translates it flawlessly)
question: can you use this method in China?
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